The Diary of Anne Frank (Act 1, scene 1-3)

The Diary of Anne Frank (Act 1, scene 4-5, and Act 2, scenes 1-5)

Act II, scene 1 -22:08

Act II, scene 2-38:05

Act II, scene 3 – 50:10

Compass Learning

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School Year 2016-2017

Students will be asked to read 1 book a month for my class. Hopefully they will read a total of 10+ this year.

They will do a book talk after reading their Sept. Book. – due before Oct 6.











Are you taking Pre-AP English next year at Round Rock HS or McNeil HS? Below is the summer reading assignment that you have to do .

Round Rock HS Pre-Ap English Summer Reading Assignment

McNeil HS Pre-Ap Summer Reading Assignment


**There was an extension given so that students that hadn’t finished their books could finish them.  Many students put so much extra effort into their Author Projects that they fell behind in reading. Since the purpose of the book report was to read the ENTIRE book, they all now have time to do just that.  Kudos to the kids that finished their books and their projects.

Book Reports – Due May 5th -Reader’s Choice Book Report 6th Weeks

*Questions       Questions Rubric

Author Projects -Due April 27th

Students had to write a book with or without a partner.  They chose from a list of Science or History  topics.  It could be fiction or nonfiction. The book had to be a minimum of 10 pages. They were given time in class to complete it.

Stems Practice –

Practice/study List 1 here

Practice/study List 2 here

Practice/study List 3 here

Book Projects were due today.  If students didn’t turn them in I deduct 10 points for each day late.

List 3 , week 3

tele- far telepathy, telescope

vid -look video, provide, evidence

omni- all omnipotent, omnivorous

ex -out excise, exit, eccentric

poly- many polygon, polyphony

List 3 week 2

micro -small- microscopic, microphone

hydro -water- hydroplane, dehydrate

photo -light- photograph, photosynthesis

pan- all -panorama, pantheon

penta- five- pentagon, pentathalon


Types of Analogies

    ______ is to ________ as _________is to _______

battery is to flashlight as hard drive is to computer

A Slice of Fiction – Book Report due – Feb 1, 2016

Above is an example of the Slice of Fiction Book Report Project.

List 3- Week 1 Stems Quiz – Jan. 12, 2016

homo – same- homonym, homophone

spec -look –respect, spectacles

duct -lead –conduct, reduction  (?)

fer -carry  –  ferry, transfer, inference

pend -hang – pending, pendant (necklace)

List 2 – Week 3 Stems Quiz Friday, Dec. 4, 2014

(study week 1 & 2, they will be on the quiz, too.)

bio life biology, biography
auto self automobile, autograph
port carry portable, report
scrib write scribble, describe
logy science geology, mythology

List 2 – Week 2 Stems quiz Monday, Nov 9

Archy (government), itis (inflammation), ard (always), ician (specialist), cide (kill) –will be on the test along with the new ones from this week.

aqua water aquarium, aquifer
audi hear auditory, audition
bell war belligerent, rebel
cap take capture, captivate
cise cut incision, excise

List 2 – week 1 – Stems quiz Friday 30th

Quizlet (online game/flashcards – list 2)

archy government monarchy, anarchy
ard always coward, dullard, sluggard
cide kill suicide, herbicide
ician specialist musician, physician
itis infection tonsillitis, arthritis

Quizlet (stems online game- list 1)

Quizlet for syn/sym words

Stems List 5 – Quiz Friday, Oct 23rd

super over supervise, superb
syn together synthetic, synchronize
sym together sympathy, symbol
tri three tricycle, triangle
un not unfit, unearned

Stems List 4 – Quiz Friday, Oct 16th

non not nonstop, nonprofit, none
post after postscript, posterior
pre before premonition, predict
semi half semicircle, semiformal
sub under subordinate, submarine

Stems List 3- Quiz Friday, October 9th

inter between international, interlude
intra within intravenous, intrastate
intro into introduce, introvert
mal bad malicious, malign
mis bad misfit, misery

Stems List 2 – Quiz Friday, October 2 

con together contract, confine
de down deposit, deduct
dis away dismiss, dispute
equi equal equilateral, equinox
extra beyond extraordinary, extravagant

Stems List 1

School Wide Initiative – Word within a Word /Stems (Greek/Latin Roots)

List 1 – Quiz Friday Sept 25.

Stem Definition Examples
ante before antecedent, anterior
anti against antibody, anticlimax
bi two bicycle, binocular
circum around circumvent, circumspect
com together common, combination

Narrative Essay

Personal Narrative due:  Sept. 18, 2015  Due date extended  until Sept 21st. 

Prompt- Tell about a time you learned a lesson

Tell about a time you had a hard decision to make.

Tell about a time you were scared.

A narrative is an essay that tells a story.

A narrative is an essay that tells a story. In this case, the story will be about you! This formal essay should follow the format you have been given. As with all formal essays, it should be:

  • Typed in 12-point, easy to read font, or neatly written in blue or black ink
  • Have indented paragraphs
  • Include a title page with your name, date, and period number
  • Be an example of your very best work

Tips for Writing a Good Narrative

  1. Begin with a catchy hook…….Sometimes my imagination gets the best of me.  In my gymnastics career, fear is something I deal with every day.
  2. Have a clear thesis statement……. It should be the last sentence of your first paragraph. (Your first paragraph should be short!)  I never thought I could switch gymnastic teams.  I didn’t know it, but today I was going to learn an important lesson.
  3. Separate events clearly into paragraphs…..Divide the events by chronological order.  When you change time or thought, start a new paragraph.
  4. Beware of Sentence Structure….Write sentences that are clear and concise.  Sometimes I assume I can’t do something because my mind takes over.  Sometimes, my feelings engulf me and I think I can’t do something.
  5. Try for some “sentence variety” …. Start your sentence with an introductory phrase and comma: When I was young, After breakfast, Gently and carefully,
  6. Combine sentences that are short to avoid repeating yourself…I have been able to conquer most of my fears. One fear was working on a 4-inch beam.I have been able to conquer most of my fears, such as working on a 4-inch beam.
  7. Revise for Word Choice…Get rid of “dead” words,  Use sophisticated words, but KNOW what they mean,  Double check your verbs—use vibrant ones!  Include some dialogue!!
  8. Have a clear conclusion…Restate the words from the prompt in your conclusion. I don’t know why I thought I could not wakeboard.  This is a lesson I won’t soon forget.
  9. Bring back the hook to form a circle….Sometimes I should listen to my imagination..I don’t know why I was so frightened of changing gyms.

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